Why Us

As a Certified Partner for Learning Solutions, (formerly known as CTEC), these are some of the advantages of Iverson Thailand which you would enjoy should you attend our courses:

  1. Insist on Original Quality Course Materials
    Quality training should come if quality material. All Microsoft Official Curriculum courses are developed by Microsoft. They are designed to help you learn the technology within a very short time and become effective with it very quickly. Every student will receive an original Microsoft Certificate of Attendance at the end of course.
  2. The Iverson Trainers
    The Iverson Trainers are Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs); they have been instructionally and technically qualified by Microsoft to deliver Microsoft Official Curriculum. Hired for their presentation skills as well as their expertise, they are then put through our development program, backed by a constant evaluation and review process to ensure consistent performance.
  3. Our Investment, Your Assurance
    We believe in investing in our trainers; nurturing and grooming them for the quality course delivery that we demand for our customers. As such, we maintain a policy in hiring full-time Instructors for the delivery of your classes. Today, apart from having sales and marketing team of 7 staff providing backbone support for our customer-centric operations, we have also at least 10 full-time trainers deployed in training programs for customers.
  4. Well-equipped Training Room
    Well equipped with training equipment, proper air-conditioning system and updated PC configurations for your learning experience.
  5. Greater Attention and Better Learning
    Each of our PC laboratory seats a maximum of 10 students. With the right class size and manageable student enrolment, students are ensured of sufficient time and attention from the instructors. Thus, facilitate better learning for all students.
  6. Practice Make Perfect
    Good instructions come with experience. The Iverson Trainers are instructors with proven teaching records of training days and consistently good and excellent post-course evaluations.
  7. To Teach is to Give
    If for any reason, our students do not get the learning they desire or are dissatisfied with their classes; they can request to retake the same course at no extra charge.
  8. Your Satisfaction, Our Priority
    Our priority is to maintain customer satisfaction at all times. We believe it is as important and rewarding to manage loyal customers as acquiring new customers. As such, we maintain a stringent process of tracking post-course evaluations and customer feedback carried out by a reviewing committee comprising of a Customer Service Team Leader, the Training Manager and the Country Manager
  9. Free Post-training support
    Our students can communicate with their instructors with 30 days free email support.
  10. Other welfare provided
    Appropriate refreshments/teabreaks will be provided.
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